Bent Seat Post actually a Good Thing.

Preface: I’ve got the stock 24" Yuni MUni.

While MUni-ing today, I missed the down ramp someone had build over a sizable log on the trail. In the mayhem, my feet came off the pedals and I came down 18 inches with my full 195 pounds on my butt bones (luckily not the twins) on the front part of my Miyata seat.

This bent the seat post forward maybe 20 or 30 degrees. Bent only, no crinkle. I put the seat in the crotch of a tree and delicately bent it back to a ridable position with surprising ease.

My buddy patiently entertained my whining and b*tching about the cheap metal they use in seat posts. Then it occured to me, better the seat post than the frame!

I consider myself a enthusiastic lightweight compared to some on you maniacs. This bending and unbending must be rather common. I just haven’t heard much about it. You hear a lot about cranks bending. (because most everyone keeps their feet on the pedals)

I suppose I can ride it until it won’t stay put.

I think you’ve definitely graduated from being an “enthusiastic lightweight”, as you say. I’ve been riding Muni for over a year with a Miyata seatpost and have yet to bend or break it. I should start trying the stuff you’re doing.

i wouldn’t be too cocky. pretty soon, i bet the bost will snap. this has happened to me twice, and it happened to my friend where he bent it. rode the rest of the day, then the next day it broke right off. if i were you, id’ weld a re-inforcement onto the seatpost, or get a new one, before it ruins a ride!


A couple months ago i was doing a 2 foot gap, and landed wrong, putting all my weight on the front of the seat. It bent it flat, and it was really tweaked. It still doesnt feel the same as it used to.

Heh… I couldn’t help but press the ‘post reply’ button.



I lack this concentration Obi-Wan.

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This is more typical (but I’m working on it)

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Where are you riding? Is it in Memphis?

Mr. Murder: what if it is? Word out on the street is your parents won’t let you leave the neighborhood… :roll_eyes:

For those of you who are prone to cry, look away:

I miss you Tom.


Chris you’re scaring the children again. Settle. Good Boy.


The one of Chris impressing you is in Grenada Mississippi.

The one of me busting my arse 'n all (thank you Mikefule) is at Stanky Creek in Bartlett (suburb of Memphis).

Others nearby with interesting loopdiloos:
Countless Wolf River Trails and 5 mile Tour d’Wolf at Shelby Farms
6+ miles at Herb Parson’s Lake in Fisherville
4+ miles of Wear Your B*tt Out at Lakeland (where this thread originated)