Bent profiles

the verdict is out. My profiles (145mm) are bent. I thought that other people’s uni’s felt bent (not a good sign) then i was doing unispins, started riding with the seat backwards, and felt that unwelcoming wobble. puon closer inspection, my right crank is definatly bent. i even tried it with the level. (pictures coming) oh, well. i think i’m gonna see how badly i can bend it before using the warrenty, mainly because i d’ont notice it when riding normally (gotten used to it). I think i’m gonna try to get black ones this time:D

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That sucks, I think mine are bent too. It could be the pedals, as I haven’t tried different ones yet. But I’m pretty sure, by looking at them, that the cranks are bent because the pedal spindle looks straight and if I look down the crank, the pedal end definately looks twisted from the hub end. I’m not getting mine replace untill they are a lot worse also. I can just barely feel it while riding, but I usually notice it more after riding my 29er with straight cranks. I bent mine on a 4.5 foot seat out drop. I weigh 185 pounds, but I was still surprized that they bent. I really should go swap pedals and see for sure, but I’m lazy.

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there’s the link.


Impressive! But others have managed to completely break a Profile crank on a muni. You’ve still got some catching up to do to keep up. :wink:

I wonder if Profile will make the short 145 trials cranks in the dirt jumper (DJ) style. The DJ cranks are more beefy than the wimpy racing cranks we’re using. But the DJ cranks would be heavier. When you get them replaced you can ask Profile if they can do the DJ style in that size.

oh i see its twisted at the pedal threads,has the chrome started to flake at all?

why go with black?are you just want to have differant? i ask because some folks say that chrome is weaker,but i dont know if that applies here.

Because the black is sexier! I think I may have a bent one as well, that or a pedal. I’m still in the investigation stage.

only when they are new in the box.


good job we’ve got that warranty thing.
how long before they add a clause that excludes unicyle trials?

all the chrome has flaked off on both cranks. I think it’s going to be cool to have the black, since all the chrome came off, i d’ont think it will make much of a diference.


Re: Bent profiles

I have the dirt jumpers in 175 and they are super beefy. Heavy too.


check out the gallery of what i’m doing to try to bend them more.

link to new videos



somone needs to buy a flood light :slight_smile:

he’s a smart one… nice job though… i wish i had that opertunity