bent pedals suck

riding on bent pedals is the worst.

i rode for about half an hour today and then just got too pissed at the pedals and had to stop riding for today.

ugh, hopefully i will be able to go by the bike shop and get some new ones tomorrow.

anyone else feeling angry at their bent pedals? :angry:

on top of that i think that my right crank is bent a little. its hard to tell though. so probably not.

You think your are bad, try having cranks so bent nobody can even ride it.

KC how the hell did you manage to do that to the KH cranks??? :astonished:

I did some jumps

I could ride that.

holy crap.

yea, you win.

i like your repsonse to how you bent those “i did some jumps”

but damn.
that sucks.

Bent profile’s also suck :slight_smile:

Bent valve caps suck… lol

Yes, but they have warenty.

You could ride anything, no really.

did it hurt when they broke?

That crank looks like it was tempered and/or hardened wrong. All of the broken cranks I’ve seen have either banana’d (stretched) or cracked at the top. That steel compressed at the bottom, which indicates that it was not hard enough. If it had been, it probably would have cracked on the side that was up during the jump, and then had a little bit left on the bottom holding it together. That’s what’s happened to all 4 of the profile cranks I’ve seen severly bent. Than again, I could be completely wrong.

I’ve bent pedals, but I didn’t notice until the bearings dissolved and the body fell off the spindle. I’ll take a bent pedal over a shattered cage or no bearings any day.

so i was looking at my uni to see what all is wrong with it currently, and the crank isn’t bent, but it has slipped forwards… so when you look at it from the side instead of seeing the cranks make a straight line with each other they are like a slight V its only forwards a couple of degrees…but it is noticable…am i screwed?

i am hoping that its just the crank, and that its not sliding forward on the hub axel thing.(as you can tell i dont know much about the technical aspect of unicycling)

it sounds like you twisted or bent the axle/hub w/e u want to call it :frowning: … what kind is it?

Youll be fine, just take a crank off and move it a spline in the other direction.

Gerbal: Do you think there’s any chance I can get some kind of warentee if it infact wasent hardened.

unisteez i did the same thing to my cotterless setup…im pretty sure that the hub has been twisted but it didnt hender my riding at all its still good just take it easy.

I seriously doubt it, which was part of why I offered the discalimer I did. I didn’t want to come off as someone who could judge whether or not it was a manufacturing defect.

Tests you could do: Can you hacksaw through the crank? If you can, it’s probably much too soft. I’d try to hacksaw a part of the crank that doesn’t appear to be bent (like near the pedal) to avoid issues of work hardening. Can you file metal off of the crank, or does the file just slip without cutting. If so, it was well hardened. Does a ball-peen hammer, when hitting the crank, leave any depression?

I still doubt you can warranty the crank. maybe you should talk to Kris. You could always ask someone with a broken profile crank to do the file test on the crank. If profiles are soft, my whole theory is wrong.

thanks for the advice.

i have just a crappy torker that i have been riding for about 2 1/2 years.
i think its life is coming to an end rather quickly. it has so much wrong with it…the part that the seatpost goes into is bent.
it has held up pretty well though, i have given it a pretty good beating.
i just have a little bit more saving to do until i can afford my new uni.