Bent my seatpost on my 20" trials. Advice on choices?

On a bad landing I bent the front of my seatpost down flat, so I want to replace it with something that will last me a while, but not be too heavy. And I can’t really afford more than 35$ right now. I don’t do huge jumps or tricks or anything.

I was looking at either the qu-ax the KH Forged or the Pitfighter II

Thanks guys

How about a handmade gusset? Not sure of the best way to fit one on your particular seat/post combination, but here’s an example of an old one made for a Miyata seat (this was before KH seats, of course):

The Qu-ax seatpost is 25.4mm, so it will not fit in the 27.2mm Black Domina frame. I have no experience with the PitFighter II, but the KH Forged seatpost is great! I do a lot of flip tricks and mine is holding up well. The newest version is completely one piece, so no welds to break. The one pictured on is the older two piece version, which is still very strong.

Oops, a slight mistake… haha.

I have one of the forged ones on my 24" muni, it’s one piece.

Hi, i recomend KH seatpost, it’s really strong + looks cool. You can still go to the qu-ax or another 25,4 seatpost with seatpost shim:

Yeah my current 24" has a shim in it, the’re terribly annoying if you change your seatpost height often though :frowning:

UDC sells a steel 27.2 post that they claim is stronger than the aluminum posts. Since it’s steel, you could easily have a gusset welded to it.

Agreed. Until recently I would’ve thought using a shim would be no big deal. Then I bought a uni with shimmed post and found it a pain to adjust and that it required much more clamping force to prevent twisting. I quickly went to a seatpost that match the seat tube size.

Get the KH! Mine is bent/cracked since a really long time, and I still ride it hard like I always do, it’s not moving or anything! KH seatposts are super strong.

Who would do the gusset welding – a custom bike shop? I have no welding skills of my own and wouldn’t trust myself to do the job right.

If you want tough and cheap you can’t beat the UDC cromo posts (real heavy though). But i think the KH forged or pitfighter posts are good enough these days, not like the first tryall and kh aluminium posts that always broke.

Shims are terrible and should all be scrapped. I ran a 25.4mm gusseted qu-ax post in a KH frame and it’s just not a good idea for lots of reasons.

just get another alum one, and a chrome one as a spare for when this happens.