bent my profile hub...can i pound out the axle/spindale?

bent my profile hub…can i pound out the axle/spindle? :thinking:

is it possible to get the hub fixed without unbuilding and then rebuilding the entire wheelset?

Im in new zealand so want to keep my shipping costs to a minium and unbuilding the wheel’s gonna be a pain

damn profiles :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry its not on topic…But just out of curiosity…How?

dont ask

Why not??

I don’t know how, but I’ve read it is possible to do. I’m sure someone on here will have the answer.

I the axle is bent it might be really hard to punch it out and cauld harm the hub bady as well.

And isn’t it profile that pays the shipping postage?

You’d be better off using a press to remove the axle from the hub… it’d cause less damage (and take a lot less time) than using a hammer… To use a press you’d most likely have to unbuild the wheel.

All this being said, there’s no guarantee that the new axle will make a good fit with the hub… in the process of pushing the bent axle through the hub, the hub may be deformed… it depends on how your axle is bent.

Why are you so scared of rebuilding your wheel? It’s probably a good idea to do so after subjecting the wheel to whatever forces that bent the axle. Is your wheel still true after bending your axle? Are all your spokes still under tension? Your rim will be the next thing to go if you don’t check it out…

Sure, wheel building takes time and patience, but it’s a good skill to learn… if you’re truly lazy or pressed for time, a good bike shop mechanic can do the rebuild in an hour or two.


So much for that lifetime guarrantee.

Theyll replace most of your crap if you break it (lifetime), but they wont pay for the shipping. You gotta pay for that part.

I think (for US residentsonly maybe) you pay to ship it to them and they pay to ship it back.

How in the world did you ever bend a Profile hub?? I’d just e-mail Profile and pay to send it back to them.


oh just a lil drop in a trials line :roll_eyes:

in all reality profiles hubs arent all that strong, just strongest thing on the uni market

So how little was this “lil drop”?

So if i want my axle replaced i send my entire hub to UDC?

good excuse to put in TI spokes if i do unbuild my wheel :smiley:

Yup i tension them fairly often, wheel’s still fairly true

:o be without my trials for a few months if i do get it replaced tho

around the 5 - 6ft mark, no rollout…that was dumb

*slaps self in forehead"

its called technique not smarts, learning technique is smarts tho i guess.
in any case you should send it back, i hear the cartel does round trips quite often, how do you think we get all this P here in NZ? just ask one of their mules to carry it for you to the states :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeez, i’ve done that high without a rollout (due to confined space) and only put a slight twist in the crank, never bent the axle.

Aren’t you selling this uni?

yeah i possibly would sell it, but if i do then il replace the axle since the purchaser cant