bent my moment hub

Somehow I managed to bend the flange of my KH 07 moment hub. I don’t actually remember anything that would have done that but I’ll post pictures later tonight when I find my USB cord. Anyone else bend their pretty blue hub ever?

Yeah it is pretty common dude.

Do you grind or pedal grab much?

crank grab a little bit. I noticed that my bearing caps have some scuffs from concrete ledges so that’s likely what caused it. I guess I’ll just have to get better at aiming properly AND THEN replace my hub.

I don’t think you will be needing to replace the hub anytime soon, but getting more precise on your landings wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Bend it back. I bent my k1 hub, bent it back and its good as new.

i bet mine’s bent, but i don’t care, it doesn’t matter as long as the spokes are tight.

That all depends on how its bent, doesnt’t it?

yes it does, i would care very much if my actual axle was bent
but the flanges, i could care less as long as they work.

good to know. I already tightened the spokes and the flange that is bent is only oh…8 deg or so at the worst point. I’ll keep riding it to see how it feels but all seems well after the initial squeak of loose spokes was fixed.