Bent LX cranks

Over time I think, my right LX cranks has bent, more like twisted. I have put up with it, since I was used to it, but yesterday, I went off a 3 foot drop and it bent even more severly. I have some old cranks from my begginers uni that are the same length, and so I put one of them on the right side (even though they’re different colors and I look like a dork). But I can still feel a huge wobble when I ride. Thinking it might have something to do with my LX pedal (since I put them on the begginers crank because they are wider), I changed to the pedal that came with the begginers uni. It made no difference. Do I have the crank on un even? Is my axle bent? The crank from tyhe begginers uni is still fine, and it’s not visibly bent or damaged. Thanks.

You’ve most likely bent the axle. I did the same thing to my learner uni by dropping about 10 inches. I weigh 165 though. You can probably still ride it. You’ll eventually get used to the wobble and it wont even feel like it’s wobbling. I rode with my bent axle for a long time, got used to it, then when I got my dx the dx felt bent, but it was just not being used to the dx that made it feel like that.

Oh, and also, don’t do anymore 3 foot drops on your lx, unless you want it to be completley unrideable.

So I should put the bent crank back on and look normal? The crank is bent, you can clearly see it.
But if it was the axle, would I fell it pull on my shoe from the left side too?

I’d say keep the unbent crank on it for less wobble.

Don’t worry about looking like a dork for diff color cranks. You ride a uni, lol.

haha…that’s sig worthy. Thank you for putting us straight!