Bent KH seatpost rail adapter!

No they dont…That would defeat the purpose of the ergonomics of the handle…Its made to fit the way your hand sits and grips for the most comfortable grip.

The side rails were ground while clamped together so they have the same (although freestyled) profile. The seat post was used as the weld fixture to have the exact alignment. The angle was cut after welding. Weight could be reduced by drilling a few well placed holes.

I didn’t think I would need to make anymore but guess it could be done.

Somebody correctly ID’d the seat post that I bought from UDC.

One of the things that probably makes this work well is that the tilting of the seat greatly reduces the bending and shearing forces exerted on the rod.

The rods are larger than the radii in the mating seatpost clamps, but, the clamping is solid and has never come loose.

Before I bought my DG handle, way back when he started making them, I spoke with Scott telling him that I moved my hand a lot, though favored my left for gripping the handle. I bought the left handed handle and have been happy ever since.

For those times when your left hand may get tired, as if you are using the brake a lot, you can switch. The way the handle is designed, there is a dimple under the front of it where you can get a finger in or two with the right hand. It just feels like your holding a pointed handle in this position, but it does work well enough for switching.

It’s an ergo top notch handle.

If you do, you’ve got a customer here. I was going to go talk to a machinist about making one, but you’d clearly be the best source!

I dug up Doug’s original thread about the rail adapter, which I missed originally, since at the time I couldn’t even ride a unicycle:

Do you have a seat post that fits your seat that I could cut up? The curve of that plate and the bolt pattern need to fit well with your seat.

Sure do. I’ll send you a PM and we can work out the details via email.