Bent KH seatpost rail adapter!

Has anybody else had this problem? I noticed this just a couple days ago; my new KH freeride’s seatpost rail adapter is bent, probably from the lifting force of pulling up on the front handle. The standard UDC pic below shows were the bend occured on both sides. I tried to bend it back straight, but no way!


thats rather impressive terry

i havent heard of one being broken or bent yet

Me neither! I first did a thorough search in the archives, but came up empty. :astonished: I thought that maybe I initially had the saddle adjusted too far “off center”, meaning that the clamp was tightened down toward the back of the rails, leaving too long of a section of rail in front, presumably making it “easier” for that longer section to bend…maybe? Those rails are kinda thin, so I can certainly see how it bent. Lifting, combined with your weight, (but I only weight 145!) could cause those rails to get tweaked, but I didn’t think about it having not heard of it happening before.

like 3 people from the SDuni clube have already bent and broken those. They are very badly and weakly made, thus break and bend very easily. one of the riders bought a freeride, and broke the rail adapter on the first day he had it.

So what do you suggest I get in its place? I guess Iwould need a whole new seat setup, or just a new standard post?

It’s more common for the welds to break. Are you sure all the welds are OK (not cracked)? A broken or cracked weld would be the most likely cause of a bent rail. A cracked weld may not be visible because of the paint, and it wouldn’t need to be a big crack (just a hairline crack).

You could take the seat off. Keep the rail adapter attached to the unicycle for leverage and support. Then push up and pull down on the brake mount extension. If you hear any clicks or similar noises you may have a cracked weld.

you could buy a normal KH seatpost. I can get one for you $18 and gie it to you the next time we ride. do you want to tilt your seat alot?

I do like the front of the seat a bit on the higher side, so more weight will be on the back. That’s why I used a gb-4 seatpost with my torker.

I’m 99% sure the welds are not broken. both rails are equally bent so from the side view they kinda have a curved “s” shape.


hmmm, I could get you the KH rail adapter for like $25 if you want. you probably don’t want to spend $250 on a cott wallis derail base with deathgrip handle and thomson post. it would bend back then?

Yeah thanks! That might work out well.

Are you talking about the one pictured below? That’s the KH post w/brake post, which I need since I have maguras. UDC has this one for $22.

KH with brakepost.jpg

Well if you want to tilt your seat that seatpost wont work…

Maybe just email UDC and ask if there have been any other complaints about this batch oh the KH rails and see if you can have it replaced free of charge. Thats what i would do first.

Or just buy a new one and make sure the rails are centered in the clamp and try again, but i doubt youd want to waste the money on that


Shadowuni’s KH rail adapter on his trials is bent like that, and the welds are intact. Only instead of having an S shape his have a Z shape. :frowning:

If you look closely at the KH post w/brake post, you’ll notice that the back of the 4-bolt bracket is slightly lower than the front, so the saddle will naturally have the front a bit higher than the back? That’s all I need. I may be wrong here and my eyes could be deceiving me!

Well ive noticed that the KH bolt seat post are pretty much all the same and you really cant tilt it back as much as it seems. I could be wrong. It probably wont tilt even as much as you have yours in the pic in this thread.

There is this option for a brake lever mount under the seat. Then you don’t need the brake lever mount welded to the seatpost or rail adapter.

I wonder if a batch of the KH rail adapters got made with a softer steel alloy or maybe didn’t get heat treated properly? Solid steel rails shouldn’t bend that easily.

Yeah you’re probably right. MAybe I should just get a gb-4 and a brake post thingee to bolt onto it?

I actually already have that adapter; I used it on my dx. I’m gonna call udc tomorrow and ask them about this matter. Maybe it is a defective rail. :thinking:

in response to the orignal question regarding whether anyone has bent one before…
I bent mine straight out of the box, it only took 2 muni rides and a street ride on my freeride to bend it to the point where the seat angle was no longer.
Also, I can list these that i know of: Tony Melton, Joe Dyson, and Will S from the Kiwi contingent who have also bent their rails. Its hard to blame the equipment in all 4 of the above cases tho because we are rather agressive riders here in NZ