Bent: Kh 04' Cranks.

I’m thinkin the reason it bent is just because of the fact that you didn’t roll out. a five foot drop with no roll out would bend any crank. well, not some, but a lot of cranks. just roll out of any and all drops you do, and you’ll be okay. and if there’s no room for a rollout, then don’t do it (:

Hell yes, thas my modo im still using on my 24in Dx, the craks wobblel ike a feind so i just dro and dont care and have been waiting for them to break for about since june…lol but Evan is not fat, i can tell you that, hes pretty light im shocked he bent them, ive taken my dx on higher htan that back when i weighed 170 (thats fat) and my cranks are just fine! but you should have rolled out hte mount, iven if its only for half a rotation that will still help a lot, i mostly land on slants and nothings bent on mine…so either your cranks are not very good(well they are hte Kh 04 that should say enough, dx is way stronger htan those), or your landing style is as lame as that Hawkings fellow :wink: but jsut ride it till it breaks and when it does get yourself a dx and quit crying…

Well i dont really know how to roll out. and it seems really freakin hard with the 170s, cuz im short, and my knees are flush with the handle on the up stroke.

well, if you don’t know how to roll out, then you should practice on smaller drops before you move to bigger ones.
plus, you ought to only use your trials uni for big stuff.

anybody got any tips on rolling out?

when you hit roll…put a lil more weigh on the front pedal…

then it shoots out infront of me.

Then lean forward too. Practice rolling out of smaller drops and increase the height slowly. Its not hard, I’ve only been practicing it for the last week or so and I can do it pretty consistently now.