bent hub

after a couple of big drops and a load of viscous Muni, my hub is bent. It’s the bit that you stick the crank on to (don’t know it’s name) and so the crank sits on at an angle. it doesn’t affect me much but i really want to get it sorted. Its on the UDC wheel (Alex rim and such)
would it be cheaper and easier to:

  1. Buy a whole new wheelset
  2. Buy a new hub and get some bike shop to rebuild the wheel
  3. Leave it how it is and hope it doesn’t snap off.
  4. Get in a stress and hit it with a sledge hammer

sorry i just don’t know about stuff like this.

Re: bent hub

Sounds like a new hub is called for. If it’s damaged it’s probably weakened too, so you might as well change it before it fails altogether or bends to the point of silliness. Take it to bits and take it to a bike shop…

Phil, just me

turn the wheel around,then switch the cranks and bend it back:p temporary fix:(

I think you’ll find that although not completely effective, the sledge hammer method will produce a good deal of satisfaction. Sledge hammers solve most of life’s little problems.

Similar solutions include A) dropping the unicycle from a great height so that it lands perfectly on the tip of the axle and 2) lashing the unicycle to two teams of horses draw-and-quarter style, one team attached to the seatpost and one team attached to the axle. If you can find a pirate ship they may be willing to keel-haul the unicycle by the axle in exchange for a rare species of bird or monkey. Make sure the unicycle has sealed bearings before trying this.

i would say to ride it for a while, save up money for a splined hub and cranks, and then when it breaks, buy the splined hub and cranks. After all, it’s winter, everything is softer in the snow, come springtime, you’ll be getting your uni built up with some sweet parts. then you’ll be able to get a good thrashing in on it. If you’ve already bent the hub, if you just buy another, that one will also break, and that is DIRECTLY lost money, that could have gone towards something that w’ont break.
I like the dropping idea, but the “sledge hammer” one is good too.


The UDC Max Traction used a Suzue hub… sad to hear it twisiting -I had hopes that it would outlast my United Hub that now has the cranks 200/160 degrees apart. Lets hope that those lower cost KH spares come out soon…

I did this; the end of the axle turned to butter.

The hammer suggestion has merrit.

I would order new parts now- walking back out of the woods carrying your cycle sucks. Wwwwwwwoooooooooooooooosh -that much, maybe more (YMMV).



I’ve bent axles before too. I replaced the hub and the same problem came up again. I would suggest saving and getting a splined hub and cranks. It’s pricey, but it’s cheaper than constantly replacing your hub. If you are going to smash the hub with a sledgehammer, you might wanna watch out for the rest of the uni, or you could end up with a broken frame or bearings too.

how much

How much is it for a splined hub + cranks?
d’you think a meaty, long handled hammer or a standard sledge?:smiley:

you can buy a whole new onza unicycle (with splined hub)for the same price as a profile hub.(which is slightly better)
it may be possible to buy onza hubs seperatly sometime.

Is it known that the Profile hub and crank assembly is mechanically better than the Onza? I thought that the only advantage was the Profile warranty. Has someone broken one or the other?

I have an Onza hub - it certainly seems to hold-up ok. I’ve been hurling it around and it’s not bent or broken and it doesent creak.

I personally like the onza better because it has 36 proper, deep splines and not those tiny littly ridges that the profiles have.

The only downside is the HUGE width pedal - pedal but you get used to it and it helps when pedal-grabbing onto big rocks and things.
I have actually heard that there is a 36 spline crank around for bikes that may be better but I’ve not yet found it.

people have bent both profile and onza cranks.
but not just anybody, people doing realy hardcore drops.
nothing for 99% of unicyclists to worry about.

I havn’t got anywhere enough ££££ to buy splined hubs, i could get a crap car for that kinda money. I think i’ll just hav to be the poor beggar boy and buy another cotterless hub
thnx anyway. :astonished: