Bent Hub

Ok guys, in these pictures, I have completely twisted the right side of my hub, making it almost impossible to ride. I’ve ordered a new hub, but I also have to buy the spokes and rim, because they’re welded onto it. Here are some pictures of my bent hub. My cranks are supposed to be completely even. Haha, and because of my weak hub, that is why I’m planning on saving up for a KH20 Trials. My Sun can’t handle all of the stresses I’ve put through it.

If you’re riding it, be prepared for the right crank to break off at any time. Ride with caution. Yup, square taper axles have their limits…

Yeah, I had to special order a hub from the company, and should arrive from Florida in a week. My hub has been creaking for sometime, so I’m thinking that I shouldn’t ride it until I get it replaced.

well once you get the new hub, i wouldnt do what caused that damage to the hub, because the rim/cranks are probably equally as weak

Yeah, I know. That’s why I was really wanting to get a different hub for it. But I would have to buy another wheelset, hub, spokes, and rim. So I think that I’ll just ride easily on this until I have enough money saved up for a KH20