Bent Hub troubles

So, a short while ago I was outside, at a friends house on my uni. We had this ramp out with a tabletop connecting to two ramps, and off to the side of this was a rail that connected to the tabletop. Thinking it’d be pretty cool, i had a couple of attempts at jumping up onto the tabletop from the side w/ out ramps or rail on it and rolling on out across the rail. During these attempts (which weren’t all complete failures) i slipped and fell off the rail. The bad news is when i fell one these times i landed with my cranks vertically, so that the rail was caught( jammed rather) in between my downward pointed crank and my wheel up by where the spokes connect to hub.

Now I’m in a predicament where my hub and spokes are somewhat bent on one side of the hub. My main question from this whole thing is that i want to know if this will hurt my unicycle in any large, threatening way. Of what I’ve ridden on it afterwards, it feels exactly the same and I didn’t even notice it until the next day.

From my personal experience I would do what’s known as “ride it 'til it breaks”! Have you tried straightening the hub flange out at all? If you haven’t, then perhaps don’t as this could increase the stress on the already over-stressed area off metal. The spokes won’t a problem at all. Just make sure that you don’t over tighten them at all. It might be a good idea to see if you’ve got even tension between to spokes just to make sure there’s no unnecessary strain on any particular part of the wheel.
Definitely keep an eye on it every now and then, and expect that it will break at some point, then you won’t be disappointed or surprised if/when it does.

Hope this helps.

p.s. can we see some pics?!

thanks, i didn’t consider that bit about the spokes being evely tensioned. I might have some pictures soon if I get the time.

I’d be tempted to turn the wheel so the damage is not on the side you jump to more often, to avoid doing it again in the same spot.


One of the most annoying things that will happen is when you need to relace a wheel, or fix a broken spoke. Even a small bend can cause it so a spaoke can not go in or out of the flange without being bent horribly, beyond its normal amount of bend and to the point where it needs to be kinked over. So bending the flange back to being straight sucks (Think bending a paperclip back and forth until it weakens and rips), but its the only way to get the spoke in there.

Found some other threads on this, and it seems somewhat common from pedalgrabs, grinding etc., i guess i didn’t expect it to be. I also found a picture that looks very similar to my hub flanges from sp4rky-m4rky’s thread .

bent flanges.bmp (1.23 MB)

That thing is DEAD… time for Ti :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that’s not mine, I never got around to my own pictures.

I don’t know whether somebody could design a hub guard to protect the flange and spokes on your unicycle. Bmx’s have been using them for some time:

I like that idea. My hub seems a little messed up on the flanges, too. Although, it’s not as bad at the picture above. If someone were to design a similar flange guard, I think there would be more than a few people happy about it.

A few months ago I passed a message to Kris about this problem.
I suggested a design: a bearing holder that protects the hub flanges.
He would think about, but I geuss it won’t come out.