bent hub flanges

upon checkin out how true my wheel was yesterday, i discovered my right hub flange is a bit bent. i was already close to a new wheelbuild+hub anyway, with the same rim because the rim is still pretty much perfect. is my rim any weaker because of this? do i risk destroying my rim riding regularly if my flanges are a bit messed up?

As long as the spoke tension is still even there shouldn’t be any risk of rim damage, barring catastrophic failure of the hub flange and if it is chromoly I suspect that is pretty unlikely. Your probably a bit more likely to break a spoke there but I wouldn’t be concerned about doing long term damage.

ok, thanks. and yeah it is chromoly.

You can still ride it, I ride my really bent hub flanges since… more than a year and it stills riding good:) but I’ll get a new hub soon though… cough Ti hub cough :smiley: