bent cranks/hubs...

Here’s some mail from Todd ( that he asked me to forward
here. I thought other people might have ideas about bent hubs etc that might
help him…

sounds like the cranks are just plain bent. ) the easiest solution is to buy
:new ones. you could try to straighten ) them, but it’s not usually obvious how
:they’re bent - a very small ) bend can make a huge difference in feel… ) )
:sounds like you have a schwinn? if so you should be able to get new ) cranks at
:a schwinn store (they may have to order them for you). ) ) or try calling tom
:miller on (317) 452-2692. he might sell schwinn ) cranks and can probably give
:you a world of good advice. he knows more ) about unis than anyone else i know.
) good luck, ) terry.

Well actually, I’m not sure what kind of unicycle it is. I bought it at a flea
market for about 20 dollars. Let me see if this helps at all. I took cranks that
were the same size off of my Schwinn and they had trouble fitting around the
hub. I’m figuring out that maybe the hub it self is bent (then I’m really in
trouble) or that the cranks are in bad shape. What happens if I buy new cranks
and they don’t solve the problem?? I just hope that I don’t have to trash the
thing. Its my first 24 inch unicycle and I’d like to ride it before its day is
done. Help.