Bent cranks and more

I’ve had my unicycle for over 8 years now. During this time, I’ve replaced bent
cranks 2 or 3 times. This time I finally bent things too far. Replacing the
cranks only removed some of the wobble in the pedals. Now after riding farther
I’m starting to have problems with the cranks rubbing on the fork. I assume its
got to be possible to replace the axel, but I can’t tell how.

Does anyone know what tools are required to replace the axel and where I can get
a new one? Can I use anything a standard BIcycle shop might have. Right now I
have a cotter pin axel, but I’d love to replace it with a strong pinless.
(Idling just destroys cotter pins.)

San Diego has to be the worst place to ride in the country if you need new
parts. The weather is great to go out riding most of the time, but when things
break none of the shops I’ve called seem to know anything about unicycles
(except for maybe old schwinns.) Even finding new tires is hard. Its a good
thing I like to ride off road and prefer knobbies since that is all you can find
to fit a 24" wheel.

 _ _ Doug Borngasser
(o)(o)             San Diego CA db \__/ You know you're a
                   unicyclist when walking feels strange.