bent crank-what hub to get?

I bent my cranks doing a 5 foot drop and noticed that the crank wasn’t bent. I took it apart and the square that held the cranks in place had become somewhat rounded. I’m scared to ride it for fear of squashing my manhood so I was wondering if I could put a splined hub and crankset on my wheel. It’s a torker lx wheelset and frame, but could I put this on my wheelset and keep my frame? I think the quax hub is isis so I might get some koxx-one cranks for it. would this work?

Koxx-one is not isis even tho they say they are :wink:

oh so what cranks do you reccomend I get?

The KH Moments look realy cool and they’re super strong. people always complain that the Qu-Ax cranks are too long. Koxx One might be a good choice because of the wide selection of crank lengths. but koxx cranks will not fit the quax hub or the KH hub.

The problem with both Koxx One and Kris Holm hubs and cranks is that they have an insert for where the pedal goes in. These will probably get loose over time. The QU-AX cranks and hub are heavier since they are steel, but they do not have the inserts.

sorry? what? Qu-Ax ISIS being steel? hmmmm much check that, I am sure they were aluminium.

that particular qu-ax hub is not isis. you must order cranks for it to match the spline pattern.

and you would have to order from a place other than udc us for the cranks, right now they only have 170s which would be too long for a trials.

I’m sure there was a topic on here not so long ago, started up by Jerrick, with Yoggi stating that there were several different types of ISIS (stupid, I know). So technically, Koxx is still ISIS, just call is KISIS or whatever…

And it doesn’t really matter that is isn’t the same ISIS as the KH Moment. It is still brutishly strong, Yoggi and Xav have said that they’ve never had any problems with the hub. As for the cranks, you’ve got a choice of 3: Reinforced, Street, or Light. All three are strong, I’d say Reinf. and Light being the strongest of the 3 (don’t let the ‘Light’ name give you a false impression, it is afterall solid 7075 aluminium forged or CNC’d).

Even so, Koxx ISIS or KH Moment are probably the favourites these days, and are both extremely good value for money. Both of them being cheaper, stronger, and less hassle-some than the cranksets of old (eg. Profile, KH-Onza)

what’s the cheapest splined hub and crankset i can buy?
also would a new hub fit my current lx frame?

a torker DX … you dont’ want a splined hub for that uni
if you’re doing 5’ drops … that thing will die completely
unless you get a new rim then just wait for the frame to break… if you want to do that PM me… I think im getting rid of my rim when I get my NIMBUS!! rim next week :slight_smile:
its a double walled BMX 20" rim that has an unnoticably tiny flatspot in it, you have to look very closely while its spinning to see it.

ok i posted a thread like this last week, i got told kh 07 cranks and hub or profiles, i’m going for the KH they look to be just as good as the profile minus the life time warranty

Koxx ISIS cranks do fit on the Qu-Ax ISIS hub, see this chart. But Qu-Ax ISIS cranks don’t fit on a Koxx ISIS hub. Yep.

The Qu-Ax hub should be as strong as the KH/K1 but it isn’t available as a spare part yet, when it does it will be 29.90EUR, about 20 euro’s less than the KH, definitly worth considering. If I were you I’d get a Kris Holm, Qu-Ax or Onza hub, they’re the ‘real’ ISIS so more of a future investment than a Koxx would be.

ugh! now the pedal fell out of my crank while gapping stairs, hurt like a b*tch too. I had the pedal all the way in and I actually happened to check it about an hour before the gap. So I looked inside and the crank was just completely stripped, I could slide the pedal in and out of it! I think this is the end…