Bent axle replacement

After thoroughly using my cheap second-hand unicycle to learn on, and
discovering the joys of hopping my unicycle was a little worse for wear, the
cranks creaked so I took them off to grease and tighten etc. Problem the cranks
pedal thingies were stripped, so no pedal attatchment, no cranks. Looked all
over for replacement found none. Idea, use old MTB cranks I have, good idea? No,
extra torque has bent axle through nearly 90degrees so that the sprocket
attatchment thing on the right hand side crank clips frame.

Question: Could I replace the bent axle alone or does it mean a whole new wheel?

Any replies would be very useful


RE: Bent axle replacement

> Question: Could I replace the bent axle alone or does it mean a whole
> new wheel?

When replacing the axle, new spokes and nipples should always be used. Since
axle replacement is an expensive and (hopefully) rare process anyway, it’s
sometimes a good idea to replace the rim as well. At this point you’re getting
close to a whole new wheel.

Being that this is a unicycle, it is unlikely you can order whole wheels for it
anyway, so you may have to do have it built in any case. Ask yourself if this
unicycle is worth investing all the money, or if it’s now a good time to move up
to a sturdier machine. I don’t know what you have now, but if you plan on
continuing heavy use, it will cost less in the long run to get a heavy duty uni.

Most commercially made unicycles today are still using low-end parts, and their
intended rider is a child who rides forward and doesn’t do many tricks (and
apparently doesn’t ride very far or drop the seat much either!).

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