Ben's Trials


very nice. some sweet bails and you have some awesome spots to ride.

That was sick! it makes me want to go ride trials. :slight_smile:

those bails were nasty too

wow, awesome stuff. I love that most of your lines were really long, not just like one obstacle, but flowing from one to another combining hops and balance. Bails were nasty too.

Sick Ben, you are a great unicyclist. Great trials, music, like the creative filming.


And yes! Ben you are an awesome unicyclist. It seems back in the days, you used to just ride really relaxed and chilled for fun, not trying to progress too much. But since unicon and moving to Wellington, your level has exploded it seems. Anyway, awesome to see so much improvement, considering you probably hovered around the same skill level for a good few years eh? haha.

Team H, rep it yo

i guess all i needed was abit of inspiration.


Some really awesome lines !! Niceā€¦ enjoyed that :slight_smile:

nice :slight_smile:

Nice video! got to love the way your friends dont care about your welfare, just the facet a bail was on film :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video. I really enjoyed watching it. Your style is really cool. Particularly the long lines. :slight_smile:

The lines in this video are awesome.

Ouch! You had some nasty bails! :astonished: