Benefits of a 29er muni

Hi - I know similar threads have discussed similar issues as this but…

I have an oracle 26 with a surly knard 3.0.

I was looking at getting a 29er muni for fast forest trails. Would the performance be noticeably different.

Udc have the 28er with 8% off. It has no brakes but has magura brake mounts. It is not too pricey might be a good option.

It would allow me to go further. Not sure if the performance difference it with spending the cash though.


I tend to think that the differences between one tire and another matter more than between a 22" bead diameter rim (aka 26") and a 24.5" bead diameter rim (aka 29"). You could change your Oracle a lot by switching tires on it too. The thing about having both is that you could set them up with really different tires and choose depending on what kind of riding you’re doing, and there are different pools of tires to pick from for the different rim sizes.

Probably a typo but the math nerd in me (which is most of me) observed that a “28er” is only 3.45% off a 29er so that’s a pretty good deal. :slight_smile:

A 26 x 3" is nearly 27,5" real (max psi), in the other hands a 29er with a 2.0" tire is about 28", only 0,5" more, so if you really want to feel a difference you’ll have to go with a 29x3".

Both my 26er and my g29 have a 3" knard tire, before I moved the schlumpf hub from the 26 to the 29 I had the occasion to compare my two ungunies, with the same 137 cranks and I can tel that the 29x3 feels faster than the 26x3, plus it rolls over stuff better, without being so harder to ride on uphills.

That describes my 26" and 29" unicycles almost perfectly, with maybe .5" difference between them, and yet they couldn’t be more different. A 26" and a 29" unicycle with 3" Knards on both might be more similar to ride than either is to anything with a sub-2" tire.

I used to use my 26 on downhill and my 29 on X country.
After two years I find the 29 much more enjoyable for everything now.

I find the 29 demands you find that magic balance point and finesse your position around it. Feels a little more connected and “flowy”.
The 26 can be thrown around more and I find my riding is much sloppier because I can just “manhandle” it where I want it.

I hope that makes sense.

Anyways, go for the 29.
I’m saving for a KH29.
Once I get there, I’ll have a 29" Oracle for sale.

Assuming that you have your 26er setup with 150mm cranks the 29er with 150 cranks and a more xc ish tire will give you a very noticeable increase in speed, especially on smoother flowier trails. If the trails you ride have a lot of climbing and are very technical you’ll most likely have to run longer cranks(165’s) which will equate to a similar speed to the 26er you have. I’ve owned a KH26 and currently ride a KH29 and I would never go back to a smaller wheel. My opinion is a get the 29er, set it up with 150’s and have a blast jamming trails.

Thanks as always for your helpful comments. Unfortunately none of them would persuade my wife. I’ll have to come up with some clever plan to swing that one.

Buy one the same colour as my 26er and ensure they are never seen together.
Buy one and keep it hidden in the van.
Just buy it and deal with the consequences.
Buy it as a christmas present for my son - oh dear it is too big…
Buy it for my wife…

I will check the forum out to see if I can fit a 29inch wheel in the 26 inch frame.

The way to go

I… uh, have a friend, who can verify that this works.
Good luck, Santa.

I have similar friend who has a black 16" club trials uni for the back yard, and his original black 20" Chinese practice Uni.
He never puts those two in the same place together.

One is always kept in the Motorhome (RV) / or hidden away in the garage.

I just broke my wife in on speed boats and off road buggies. After years of that expense what ever I spend on Uni’s now is peanuts in comparison.

Or you can be a good team player and do not get another unicycle. You just get another wheelset and swap the wheel whenever you want to change the size (it takes only a few minutes).

And on the upside, it is cheaper and more compact to store :wink:

I have a 26 frame which won’t fit the 29 wheel unfortunately… Not with a muni tyre anyway.

Bought it…