bendy seat while buny hopping

when i bunny hop and hold on 2 the front of my uni set it bends up? anyone else experienced this ?

I have noticed that my Miyata seat has a lot of flex in it. I am thinking about getting the GB4 Stiffener Plate for it.

What kind of saddle do you have?


my KH seat has a lot of flex in it but i’ve just got used to it. i wonder how much energy im loosing from my hops i expect its quite alot probably half an inch from hop height. im going to get the carbon KH seat when it comes out.:smiley:


Well I bought a GB4 Stiffener Plate in January but I can’t find it. It arrived with my rim and tyre so in all the excitement I think I misplaced it.


There are 2 generations of KH seats, soon to be 3 generations a few months from now.

The first ~200 units were made without a metal plate stiffener, which was added and significantly increased rigidity. I think these have all sold, as far as I know, so all seats you get now will have the stiffner.

I am currently waiting for a new prototype from Velo to test out, that should hopefully be even stiffer than the current version. You won’t see this model on the market for quite a few months, though.

Yes there will also be a carbonfibre version but don’t expect it to be cheap!


What is the difference between the seats that say Axiom on them and the ones that don’t?

That was the first change, wasn’t it? The earlier ones with the “Axiom” logo are without the metal stiffener plate.

It’s great to have a seat that, as well as being fantastic to start with, is still in development. I’m really happy with my first generation KH seat; if I needed to I’d not hesitate to get another one of those, and any improvements are an extra bonus.

Good job!


my friend got his KH20 a few months ago and his does not say Axiom., but mine , which I got today, does.

In that case, I may very well be wrong… mine says Axiom on the front and it is without stiffener plate.

Curioser and curiouser…


what color seat do you have? I have a grey and my friend has a blue.

'Tis a black and grey one…


Re: bendy seat while buny hopping

What kind of seat did you say you were using?

All the plastic seats bend to some degree or other. Some are quite a bit stiffer than others. My KH seat must have the stiffening plate in it, because it seems very rigid.

Older Miyata seats used to get too flexy, and eventually crack at the side rivets just in front of the seat post. Later models fixed this problem, moving the breakage to the post itself.

The type of riding we’re doing today is well beyond the design parameters of nearly all unicycle seats & posts. The most efficient designs will have the handle directly connected to the seat post (or frame), or be on a rigid (non-plastic) seat.

In the future, I envision lightweight seats that attach to posts that have handles and bumpers on them. So the seat itself can be very light, and not have to handle the stresses of pushing, pulling, or dropping. This should make the seats much cheaper to produce, though the newer type of post will of course be more costly than today’s posts.

Re: bendy seat while buny hopping

Does anybody else find the KH seat handle hard to use and uncomfortable?


jbunny hopers in our club complain about
the fabric of the KH seat which gets easily ripped off on surface
I’ve seen a manic jumper ruin a seat in just one day!
what do you do to avoid that?


getting a new seat anyway

i’m getting a KH velo seat sp hopefully my prob will be solved i have this uni wiht theis sat at