Bending crank on unicycle...

I sent an email to John Foss about a problem I am having. The email is

I am seeking help with my unicycle. They are Torkers with Miyata seats.
When I hop, the cranks bend. The more and higher I hop, the more they
bend. I only weigh 160 pounds. Where can I get some cranks that will
not bend? My email address is Do other people
have problems with crank bending as well? I have been looking for some
help, but as you see… no luck. If you cannot help can you recommend
someone who can?

John returned this email to me: I’m going to recommend you to the
unicycling newsgroup, If you don’t use newsgroups,
you can also submit a question to the group via email, at If you do the email, tell people you’re not subscribed
so they must reply directly to you and not just the group.

I am not subscribed so please reply directly to me at I appreciate any help you can give me. Frank

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