Bending BC wheel plates: Designing New ones.

I bent my BC wheel plates AGAIN! But this time i have desided to make some of my own. I have been pondering wich matieral to use…I have been thinking il use 4130, because i have a 2/8ths sheet laying around and i think thats aobut how thick i would need. THough i have looked into other matierals to use such as…Carbon Fiber…Titanium…and Fiber glass. I was thinking to reinforce it that i would put a full length doubler on the vertical peice of metal from the axle hole to the very bottom, The reason for that is beacuase that is where my plates have been bending, mid way betrween the hole and the bottom. I will be posting pics of designs i come up with as i make them, If anybody has any ideas on the matter, please post!


I REALLY bent them this time.

bent plates for fourm.jpg

Maybe if you were nice to your plates and didnt throw them into walls and do suiside mounts off 5 palates they wouldnt bend.

Hey now, i landed the mount a couple times but i landed on teh edge of the plates that time and BLOOP they bent.

Edit: And i didnt throw it!

Whatever happened to your Fireball BC Evan?

I still have it, i took the fireball off and put a duro on.

The black parts are pins for grip, you can see the doublers on the back side.

bc plates1.png

I think the strongest would be not plates, but actual pedals connected to crank arms. The cranks would hang in the same direction, kinda like an Ultimate Kangaroo (theres an idea…) but it freewheels, like a BC Wheel, you know? So it’s just like plates, but, it’s not…
Fuego I think posted a thread with that idea one time. Go look for it.

With that design you’re essentially replacing a large cross section plate with a smaller cross-section crank, it would un-doubtably be weaker and would probably bend more easily. However what might work is if you used something hollow for the vertical portion of the plate, like the crank from a decent Muni, because getting the material further from the line the force acts through would increase the moment that could be sustained without the plate deforming (increasing the second moment of area). Maybe if you can get some kind of heavy gauge ovaloid tubing, with this kindof cross-section:

but hollow in the middle it would not weigh too much more but would be alot stronger.

Wood wont work. Hehe, I still got good use out of them though. I started on a hill with two chairs, i didn’t want to jump on them. I stepped on, and went a little, fell off. After three times of that, I got about 10 feet and while on it the platform snapped in half.


How are you going to produce these once you get a design?


4130 is definitely that way to go, but a simple way to do it is to get 3" square tubing (it’s 1/4" thick!) and cut it along the axis so you get two L-shaped pieces (you’ll want to mill the edges). This way your platform is one piece. If this isn’t strong enough, call NASA. You can get the tubing from

The L isn’t going to be welded, its going to be bent through a bending machine. I dont think that will bend down though, would it?


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I really dont think you’d want pins on your BC plates, from what I understand, griptape is even too much.

Grip tape too much? Haha, You know nothing about BC Eric.

I think pins would be usefull in some situations like with hopping and when its wet but normally, grip tape is exactly what i want. If your feet arent exactly where you want them and they are pinned down it will be really hard to fix them. I think with just griptape your feet have alot more freedom to move around and get positioned so i think i would have to agree with eric for most situations.

Re: Bending BC wheel plates: Designing New ones.

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