Bending a Kris Holm Crank???

I have just make 2 drops from the side of a skate ramp. It was about 1.60 meter high. And after my second drop i bend my KH crank.

I have got my KH 20 inch trial ( no proseries ) sinds December 2003. So now 4 months.

I was very shocked when i noticed the bend crank because i can see it with my bare eyes.


Re: Bending a Kris Holm Crank???

the splined KH crank/hub? cuz ive never heard of anyone bending a splined kh hub/crank

where exactly did u bend it?

Bending a KH crank is not new. Its been done quite often…I think some really big trials people can go through them with decent speed. Breaking KH cranks are the thing that is so very rare.

I feel bad for you however because now you will most likely either have to deal with it for awhile or buy a new one. Thats the good thing about have profile cranks…The guarantee.

I too have bent my KH crank on my 20" trials going off a 5 1/2 foot drop too the side. I was even landing on soggy grass. I went off 3 times and the were bent after the third. I think it was because I landed on the sdie, I should have forward hopped it so I could roll out.

BTW everyone should all come out to OUI 04 in Ottawa it should be a blast!!!

weird i always thought that hardly any people have broken KH cranks.

areyou bending the cranks themselves or bending the hub?


I know 3 peoples here in Germany who bend KH cranks this year!


i’m just glad to hear that it takes 5 foot drops to bend them. it is limiting but i’ll go to three and a half feet max because i don’t want to lay out for the gear. for big drops it does sound like profile is the way to go. they last a bit longer and are guarenteed.
my next muni will have them.


and karl, i will be at oui, and i look forward to meeting you at the montreal festival.

aust- As Fluffinator said, bending the KH cranks is not uncommon, but breaking them is unheard of so far. Big difference between breaking and bending.


indeed… Bending - ridable Broken - schatty

i had bent my cranks.'But i don’t know or i had even bent my hub. I haven’t check this.

I was jumping on the side and when i was in the air i turnd 90 * to the front.

I landed quite flat, I wasn’t able to roll it out:(

My angle hurts to:( :frowning: :frowning: . but that isn’t a big problem because in a week it’s over, but my crank is still bent:( :frowning: :frowning: .

To bad there isn’t a unicycle shop in the Netherlands with splined hubs and cranksets.


You can buy Qu-ax splined stuff here and probably in a few more places. But indeed KH splined hubs and cranks are not available in NL (AFAIK).

Klaas Bil

‘At least they only bend’

What good is a bent crank then?

A bent crank is still a broken one.

ditto on sofa’s comment. either way i’m shelling out and waiting for a new crank. that being said, i suppose you can at least ride out of the forest on a bent crank, cursing all the way of course!