Bend, Oregon anyone?

Any members from Bend?

I will be visiting there for the first time from Santa Barbara from about 8/28 to 9/4 but unfortunately I am flying in and will not have a uni with me.

If anyone can rent, lend or steal me a a decent mountain uni, Coker or even a 20"er and would be willing to show me a ride or two, I would be up for anything.
I may be able to throw my 24" Muni on the plane but it will cost me $50 each way.

I am old and worn out but can easily do 50 miles on a Coker or handle some nasty rocky Muni terrain. :slight_smile:


I know there at least used to be unicyclists in Bend. One of them, Carol Bricker, was an early Unicon World Champion. Now she lives in Phoenix. The folks in the Bend area were even considering hosting a “California” Mountain Unicycle Weekend a few years back, but that didn’t end up happening.

But I’m not sure if any of those folks are still reading the Forums here. You might also try a web search on “unicycle bastards” or just “Oregon unicyclists” to see if you can find any people connected to the Bend area.