Bence Pinczes - Fortune Days

thought i would post this on here for all who havent seen it yet. (It’s Not my video!)

Amazing flatland style. awesome lines and creative riding all in one!

nice work Ben

I saw it on facebook earlier, really smooth riding. I love how his sidespins look, it kinda looks like he’s not really wrapping his leg around, but kinda wrapping the unicycle around his leg as he throws.

soooo creatif and clean
great video

I really liked all the combos, they were so different from what you normally see. The sidespins are awesome too, so smooth.

Wooow! One of the most creative videos i have seen :smiley: I didn’t realize he was this good :stuck_out_tongue: Awesome!

Omg that was soooo cool! :astonished:

Some of the most creative riding done by anyone ever. I really love this video. I watched it 5 times in a row today xD

I dunno. I feel like this video is missing someone… Maybe its just that the filming is crap compared to sinco. But I dunno, its missing something for me. I looooooooooooooooooove benny’s riding, I think hes so freaking awesome and I love his choice of combos. But I dunno, didn’t really like this video.

How can you say filming’s crap when there are only static shots? I don’t understand how Benny’s supposed to get better shots of himself.

Crap compared to sinco. :slight_smile:

between 1:32 and 1:44 i suddenly learnd how to say i love you benny in Hungarian. This is deffinatly one of my favorite vids, i feel like it shows perfectly how i attempt to look, and fail to look when i ride flatland, i hope to see more from you benny :smiley: