Belle isle was incredible

i dont know about the rest of you guys, but i thought that uniing at belle isle today was incredible, some of the highlights were Muniracer falling, he should have died and exploded, but wasnt hurt, and me totally owning a certain trail, oh, and being owned by a certain trail

Pictures, please.

sorry harper, none yet, i think john glazer’s dad took some, though

hell (get it, “hell”, i left out the apostrephe so i could make a joke about our name) hopefully get them up soon

Great to hear you guys had a great, and safe, day riding.

I think I speak for the whole unicycle community when I say we were envious of all you that got to experience the Richmond ride today. Those 47 posts just getting ready for the ride was sort of rubbing our nose in it, but we rejoiced with you too!

I’ll watch for the pictures. --chirokid–

You mean that you didn’t mean Belle Isle, in the Detroit River? Seeing the subject line got my hopes up. :frowning:

I have ridden around there once this summer. Will do it more next summer.

I didn’t know there was another Belle Isle. This Belle Isle is in James River. Also known as “Island of Misery”, Belle Isle was used by the Confederates as a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War.

Some pictures here.

Walt Whitman once commented on prisoners leaving Belle Isle:

“Can those be men? Those little livid brown, ash streaked, monkey-looking dwarves? - are they not really mummified, dwindled corpses?”

Here’s a list of the known soliders buried there. Evidently their remains were moved when they put in the Lee Bridge.

Belle Isle has also been home to a rock quarry, a hydro-electric plant, and parts of a steel factory. Now, its crazy trails and rock formations are used by mountain and trials unicyclists.

But man, that was a fun day. Mike totally helped us push our limits on some of the crazier descents and trials lines. I think everyone had a good time. Can’t wait to see the pictures.