Bell Ultimate Tool.

My good friend just bought this awesome, (almost) all in one tool for 13 bucks at WalMart. Man What a Deal. It comes with everything you would ever need(other than an allen wrench for the KH hub) including tire levers/buffers, allen wrenches phillips and flathead screw drivers, SPOKE WRENCHES!!! and tons of other little sockety dealy’s to boot. It has a locking mechanism too, to allow it to get some torque on fixing parts… Check this dope fool out!

Bell Ultimate Bike Tool

I bought one of those a few weeks ago… They’re ok, I’d use them as a last resort… Example, it feels like the tool is gonna break when I try to loosen the alen bolts for my seat post… so I can’t change the seat height :wink:
But for trail stuff it can be useful…

screw that thing. get a topeak alien multitool. tons of tools. allen wrenches, screwdrivers, knife, spoke wrench, regular wrenches. almost nothing you can’t fix with one of these. also if you ride a bicycle it has a chain tool. should be around $30, for the bigger, better model, around $20 for the smaller/lighter/less tools model.