Bell says muni = riding from A to B in the city, has new helmet to prove it

Hey, I just came back from a good muni ride and realized I lost the viser from my bell helmet. So I checked their website in order to find out if I could order one as a replacement. Although I couldn’t find that I noticed they have a new helmet called “muni”. It is even introduced in a little video. Of course it turns out their definition of muni is municipal b*ke riding and not mountain unicycling. So the helmet is meant for that. It does have some pretty cool features anyways: One can mount a rear view mirror that can be folded away and it has very cool lights integration as well. I may get myself one of those, even if it isn’t meant for muni in our sense.

Here’s a link to the product page with video:

Maybe somebody should tell bell what “muni” really means.

Before I spend my money on that muni helmet I’ll try to find my lost viser on the trails now, though. I already have a rear view mirror and lights anyways.

get a fox flux or a giro hex great helmets

Thanx for the suggestion but I think I’ll keep my Bell Slant for a couple of years, I guess. I like it and only got it a couple of months ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the viser on the trails today but it works without it too.