Bell Metropolis helmet

Has anyone tried the Bell Metropolis helmet? I am shopping for a new helmet and this one looks interesting. Suggested retail price is $70 US.

Bell Metropolis helmet

If you have tried it, what do you think of it?

what type of riding will you be doing? because for commuter, that looks unrivaled, but for trials and muni, skateboard helmets are beter.


for $110 you can get the giro xen. it looks similar, but not as ugly.

The Giro Xen is a great helmet–and if you do a froogle search, you’ll find it for more like $80. I just picked one up from Sierra Trading Post (who had an online coupon for 10% off or something) and it was less than $80 including shipping. I’m really happy with it.

I have looked at the Giro Xen helmet but just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money for a foam & plastic helmet. It’s just too expensive.

The Metropolis is available on sale for $60 US. Still rather expensive but better.

you can get a decent skateboard helmet from pro-tec for about $40 USD. ive found there the best for protection but probably not for commuter.

true, if you’re not picky about color you can get it for around $80. not much worse than the metropolis. but if you have your mind set on the metropolis then go for it, somebody has to try it.

I have a skate style helmet. It does not fit very well so I am looking for a new helmet. Air vents will be a big pluse.

I think I may just do that. Nashbar has them on sale. Jenson has free shipping.

I ordered a Bell Metropolis today. Jenson has them on sale AND free shipping for $56 US.

post pics!

My Bell Metropolis helmet arrived today by way of FedEx Ground. They deliver on Saturday which surprised me.

My first impressions of the helmet are very favorable. It is very adjustable and it fits me great. The fit is so much better than the cheap skate-style helmet that I have been wearing. It is much more comfortable which will probably motivate me to wear it more often. That is a good thing. I hope the vents make it much cooler.

I will post more later after I have had a chance to try it out on a ride.


I just got back from my first ride with the Bell Metropolis helmet. I must say, so far I am very satisfied with it. Also, let me point out the correct seller was

The helmet has a conservative design. Almost like a skate-style helmet except with lots of vent holes in it. Today it was very windy but warm and humid alongside the Mississippi River. I feel certain that with my old helmet, I would have been dripping sweat off my head. With my new Metropolis, no dripping sweat.

Adjusting the size of the helmet is very easy and accurate. Instead of lots of little foamrubber thingys that stick on with Velcro, there is an interior suspension system that adjusts quick and easily with a little dial. I have a large, somewhat oval shaped head which makes fitting hats (especially helmets) difficult. This helmet fits me great!!

I think it is still a bit expensive but when other dealers are selling the same helmet for $70 plus shipping, I feel like I got a good deal from JensonUSA for $56 and free shipping. Other manufacturers sell similar helmets for way more than $100.

I am happy with my purchase. :slight_smile:

…a month later…

I am still very pleased with my purchase. Even with 90+ F. degree heat, the vent holes provide enough air movement that I don’t have sweat running down my eyes.

The helmet is light and very comfortable. I wear it all the time now when riding my 29er. I almost never wore the old skate helmet except when riding off-road.

sounds good, but does it look as dorky in real life as it does in the pictures?

can you post pictures? It sounds awesome.

My opinion is it looks a lot less dorky than riding a unicycle while wearing a bicycle helmet. By that, I am refering to the bicycle helmets with the fin/wing/protrudance in the back that is supposed to make it more aerodynamic.

All of these helmets are generally rather dorky looking anyway but I am making myself wear it for the safety factor. At least this one is comfortable and cooler than the skate-style helmet.

I will try to post a couple pictures later.