Belcar Midsummer Race trialshow

I and a few mates of my gave a little trialshow on the Belcar Midsummer Race on 29 juni 2006
Started at 9AM with building the cource but there wasn’t no car like we asked.
So we had to wait 2 houres before the car was there to build the course.
Then after the cource was done we started trialing
I was trialing when a photographer of the circuit of Zolder (where the race was) came to me and asked if he can make some pictures.
I said sure and I trialed and he made pictures for about 15 minutes.
Now a few pic’s from me are on the website:
Then you have to click on the icon which says: “Belcar Midsummer Race/ sfeerbeelden”
I’m the one with the 24" Fireball tire.
It are a few pics but I will get the rest of the pics send to me soon so I will post them 2 then.
I also got a new personal hop record there: 60 cm or 4 EURO palets.
And that with a Fireball so I think it’s a great tire now :smiley:
But the funniest thing of that day was that a 12 years old kid came to me and asked an signature :astonished:
Very surpriced I gave it him.
Very cool day and I can’t wait to next year:D

Peter M