Being a rebel

Hi! I just wanted to share some fun uni experiences my sister, Tammy, and I have
had in the past week or two.

A few days after we got our 28" unis and spedometers, we cruised out to my
friend’s house to watch a movie. She lives in a trailer court where the speed
limit is ten miles an hour. Judging by the subject line of this email, can you
guess what we did? Of course, we pushed ourselves to go ELEVEN! :slight_smile: (Don’t laugh
– we’re not completely comfortable with the big wheels yet and it’s hard to
want to wipe out at “high speeds.”)

Our other experience was a bit more rebellious. My friend Amelia, Tammy, and I
unicycled out to the mall on our 24"s. When we got there, we discussed taking
them inside. (Perhaps I should mention that our mall is not very busy.) We read
the restrictions: No skateboards, no skates, no pets. Hey! It didn’t mention
bikes, LET ALONE unicycles! So Tammy and I took ours in, though Amelia refused
and even pretended not to know us. We rode around for awhile, took them into
stores, did a bit of one-footing and wheelwalking, and left.

Fun, fun!

~Tanya Marsh

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Re: Being a rebel

We have a mall near Seattle that I thought a unicycle grand prix would be great.
It has wide wood floors with ramps and stairs. Barb k.