Beginning tricks

As I dont see anyone else unicycling except me its hard to learn anything apart from few mounts and cycling forwards. Could you please tell me a few basic tricks to learn and instructions how to do them?

Thanks people

The IUF skills might be a good place to start. On that page you’ll see some skills have links with more information and/or pointers for the skill.

You Tube is a great place to watch various uni tricks. Also, go to the unicycling videos section. You will be amazed and challenged. I’m amazed but too old for those kinds of challenges.

I’d start with getting the basics down: turn perfectly, ride fast and slow, idle, hop, ride backwards, hop and ride over small objects like a curb and ride and hop with the seat in front. These are some skills I think you can benefit from whatever style you will choose to ride.

Where are you in unicycling? Can you ride and turn without wobbling and stuff? And can you hop?:slight_smile:

In the UK. But ya see its not a sport I see other people doing so thats what makes it really hard to learn if ya know what I mean. Thanks for the help for eg basics to get me started

And here is the same list but with videos of all skills.

REALLY good help many thanks