Beginning... Again!

Hello everyone;

About a year n’a half ago I bought a 26" Pashley MUni. I had seen the
Atlantic Monthly article on George Peck and, seeing as I had just had my
fortieth birthday decided that George looked in pretty good shape for an
old judge :wink: and I could get in good shape too.

Well I had contacted John Foss and he had given me some encouragement and
so I started to practice. Unfortunately… being ADD… I let other things
distract me after the novelty wore off and I didn’t learn to wobble for
more than a few feet.

Well seeing as I’ve had some help with my ADD I’ve been trying again.
After landing on my tail-bone I’ve become pavement shy so I’ve taken to
using a local boardwalk with a handrail as my training ground.

I am now able to go about 15’ (if I really concentrate) before I have to
grab onto the railing again.

I have a few questions.

One- Is is normal for the wheel to oscillate back and forth like that!!??
or will that disappear over time? I ‘think’ my seat height is correct.

Two- In order to go any distance without holding on I tend to use a LOT of
inner thigh muscles to kind of keep the thing… well… up. Is this also
normal and will that become easier or go away?

Three- I try to put my weight on the seat because that’s what I was told
but I tend to want to put my weight on the peddles more when I’m
forgetful. Do I really want ALL my weight on the seat and just enough on
the peddles to peddle or is there going to be some distribution to the
peddles for balance?

Four- My inner calves tend to want to rub up against the forks. Is that
normal? They are sore.

Five- I’m sure that this is going to become easier but is it ever going to
become as easy as riding a bicycle or CLOSE to it? Can you MUniers go for
hours without much thought like bicycling or is it always going to take

Thank you!

Christopher Grove

PS… One day… MUni weekend!

“I never MET a man I didn’t like.” -Will Rogers

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