Beginner's wheel size

What wheel size would you recommend for (adults) absolute beginners ?

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you’ll get all of the sizes suggested pretty soon,but the 24"inch is all-around the best,most versatile choice me thinks.

20 inch is easiest to learn on.

24 inch is more versatile once you learn.

26+ is in some ways easier to learn on, in that it is less ‘twitchy’, but the extra height and speed would make it intimidating for most beginners. Larger wheels also take more effort to steer.

So, if you’re of small to average height, I’d suggest a 20 inch. If you’re tall, a 24 might be better.

I would recomend 24" because it does smooth out the bumps on the sidewalk. More important than the wheel size is the seat. Make sure that it isn’t a Savage.

Re: Beginner’s wheel size

This is sort of like telling someone which size shoes are the best to wear. I
taught myself to ride on a 24" (older Cyclpro with one of those icky seats). I
donated that uni to the TCUC a few years ago and switched to a 20" for a year
or so. Then I got my 24" Miyata. Finally last year I got a 28" Sem. I find the
24 easiest to control and best for general neighborhood riding, though I’m
improving on the 28. I ride outside all the time and the 20 is too slow, so I
don’t ride it much nowadays (I might get a better one and ride it more now that
I’ve joined the TCUC).

The learning process might have been slightly easier on the 20. But I would
recommend either a 20 or a 24. Go for the bigger wheels after you’ve learned a
bit; they will be harder to start out on.

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Re: Beginner’s wheel size

On Sun, 14 Jul 2002 16:38:30 GMT, (Marc
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>What wheel size would you recommend for (adults) absolute beginners ?

The choice is really between 20" and 24".

20" is easiest to learn riding on.

24" is most versatile (good enough for some distance riding, good
enough for some skills/tricks).

However, this 24" has no specialty, whereas the 20"'s stronghold is
skills development (to which there is no end). I myself started on a
24" with a street / indoor type tyre, and I still use it a lot, but I
can see a future where for each of my unicycling activities (MUni,
skills, distance, …) I have another uni and none of them is that
versatile 24".

In short, if you think (sic!) that this will be the only unicycle that
you’ll ever buy, buy 24". But if the unicycling virus really bites,
you will likely own more than one unicycle in the future; then buy 20"

Klaas Bil

Get a 20"
there isn’t any thing that a regular 24" unicycle does well, it just does a lot of things ok.
20" is the easyist to learn on plus it is the best for doing tricks.
With you can get a seatpost that is long enough for you to fit a 20" well even if you are tall.

once you learn to ride figgure out what you like doing the best and you can get a muni, or a coker, or a trials uni or whatever suits your needs the best.


Re: Beginner’s wheel size

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I’m assuming that the question is what size unicycle a beginner should buy.
Assuming one’s legs are long enough, the first unicycle should be a 24". It
is useful enough for tricks, and is a LOT less tedious for distance riding.
This makes it the perfect utility unicycle. If the only goal is to use the
unicycle for performing, then a 20" makes sense. If you just want a unicycle
for fun, though, get a 24" uni, then add other sizes later.

If you can learn on someone’s 20" uni, though, it will make the process
quicker. Just not enough to buy one if you don’t need it.

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buy a twenty

I’d get a 20", because they’re great for learning on and working out how to start doing slightly funky things. Then you realise exactly how fun MUni is, so you get a 24" muni. If you got a normal 24" uni I’d certainly feel a bit uneasy buying another uni the same size but with a bigger tyre.

That’s how I did it, anyway…

Phil, just me

buy a twenty
best advice
buy a twenty
not because i’m being rude
it is truly the best advice i can give u
buy a twenty, learn how to ride and then all of a sudden all the advice will make sense
till then,
buy a twenty

Re: Beginner’s wheel size

D’apres (Marc Zirnheld),
dans le forum…

> What wheel size would you recommend for (adults) absolute beginners ?

Thanks for your various but converging answers.
In the meanwhile I tested a 50 cm wheel with a very large tyre
(approximately 5 cm) and found it quite convenient (thus the outer
diameter is somewhat similar to a 24-in wheel equipped with a thin
tyre), as it allows a smooth ride.

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