Beginner's rut.

Um. Hi.
This is pretty much your basic, run of the mill thread but I’ll give it a go anyway. I have been unicycling for a few weeks. I can do all the basics, jump off picnic tables, hop up 2 stairs, ride seat in front, spins and such, all that jazz. But I am kind of stuck, if you will.
I would love to learn how to ride backwards, do seat drops, various mounts, or anything cool like that.
Any tips on what to pursue next and/or how to do it? It would be appreciated. Thanks.

this website has a lot of info and should help you.

you can do spins and can go off picninc tables with only a few weeks of riding?!?!? dang, you’re awesome. try crankflips? hell, just try triple flips, sounds like you’ll get those in another week or two. you could try grinding too. riding backwards just takes some more practise to get used to it, try riding slowly into a wall, putting your hands on the wall to steady yourself and just give yourself a little nudge backwards, then pedel just fast enough to not fall over. do it on flat terrain first with no objects so you don’t have to llook backwards.

Yeah, with the help of, me, :wink: .
Goes and talks to ‘your mom’ downstairs
BTW- ‘Your mom’ is pretty good. I’d suggest crank stalls… if anything.
Torkerer, :roll_eyes: