Beginners progress

I’ve been recording a few videos since I started unicycling on 25. Dec 2007.

Here is what I have so far, in chronological order. Don’t expect any fancy stuff. I’m just trying to show other potential 40+ aged unicyclist that it is not as difficult as they may think.

More to come as skills improve :slight_smile:

Congratulations and thanks for sharing. I hope you don’t mind if I take the liberty of adding a few words to each link.

It’s important to watch them in order.

Mounts… long… but truly shows what we go through. :slight_smile:

More beginning skills

Hopping and Turning

Watch… after you view the others. :smiley:

I’m calling Burnerdave over to see these.

Thanks for your comments. I’m impressed when I see how many people already watched my newest video, after only one day. When I started, I thought that it might be embarrasing to share videos without all that fancy stuff like jumping high or balancing on rails or doing spins.

But then I thought that this first part of unicycling - learing how to ride and mount - was not shown anywhere (at least I did not find anything) and that it may help others to see that they are not alone with their problems.

Marcus (Hugo)

Hi Hugo, wow, that is nice video.

Hi Dave, interestingly, I already watched your video some time ago, I think it was 6 weeks ago :slight_smile: And it was very encouraging!

Yes, to steal one wise man’s words, this kind of stuff is “uni for real people”.


Hugo, its great that you have taken the time to record these videos to encourage other beginners.There is nothing embarressing in sharing the process of learning to unicycle.Unicycling has brought such joy into my life, I hope I will be able to pass this on to other people.And I have to thank every person who has contributed to this site ,your advise and help is an invaluable source of support. Most of all I thank my uni buddy (you know who you are) for your advise,help,encouragement,sharing and caring.It is a great gift to be able to teach and inspire and I hope that noone ever feels that they are not good enough to make a valuable contribution;there will always be someone out there who will appreciate what you have to share.

Good to have you w/ us and one less than them:p

IMO it would be much more entertaining if you edited them down into one 2-4 minute vid and labeled the parts 1 hour, 3, 5, 10, etc. or day 1, 2, wk 2, 3, etc. like Dave’s. (some music would be nice too).

I’ll see what I can do in the future … :slight_smile: But I won’t change the old ones.

Very nice!

New short video from a beginner:

I love it!

i’m pretty sure this isn’t normal, because every time i go out to unicycle, i get frustrated and annoyed because i’ve had this uni for 5 months AND STILL CAN ONLY RIDE 62m!!!

Don’t sweat it! 62m isn’t so bad. Are you using a 20" uni? How much real time have you been practicing in those 5 months? At your age I expect you’ll be at level 4 within a year!

Had some time today to record a new video. Hope you like it.

Or watch it on with 2.1 Mbit/s

Keep 'em coming, Hugo. Your progress is terrific!

wow your getting really good. I have been riding a bit over a month now and i can hop up the gutters an ride all round its really great fun. I got free mounting in about 3 hours which is really strange and i also first did the rollback mount instead of the static mount.


Wow Hugo! Fantastic!

Next Episode or

Nice video, good music, nicely done.

You’ve inspired me to work on/learn the jump mount this weekend.