Beginner's Pedaling Speed

When beginning, is it better to start pedaling fairly slowly, in order to think of what to do, or faster?

From the research I did, you want to pedal the same speed as your normal walking pace when starting out. I just learned 6 months ago and this worked for me. Pedaling too slow makes balance more difficult, pedaling too fast makes injury more likely. Good luck to you and have patience. It will seem totally unnatural for a while.

You may have to experiment with different speeds to see what works best for you. Try to remember what you were doing when you had a successful run, and then concentrate on repeating that success during the next run. Remember everything that you were doing – pedal speed, posture, arm position, evenness of pedaling, reactions to imbalance, etc. If you’re not getting results, make small changes and see where that gets you, better or worse. When I first started, I pedaled pretty slow, probably about walking speed on a 24".

When i started i used the good old method of theres no such thing as to fast >_< so i was basically continuously accelerating until i would launch off the front of the uni and run myself the rest, after a few day and achieving much larger distances you will start to hit slight grades and there you will learn speed control, once you can slow yourself down a sloped parking lot you will start to slow yourself down while riding.

A lame and expected answer to be sure but I don’t go slow or fast, somewhere in between.

I’ll often use speed adjustments to overcome unexpected events that throw my balance, challenges due to getting lazy with my form or due to a road hazard like a bump, root, dip, etc. The idea is you don’t want to be going too slow because you can’t adjust your speed downward to adjust for those ‘oops’ moments and you don’t want to be running as fast as you can go for the same reason - you can’t ramp up your speed to adjust if you’re already running max speed.

Can’t tell you how many UPDs I’ve avoided by simply speeding up. Wouldn’t be as possible/easy to do that if I were already at full clip.

Edit: Also it’s been a while since I was a beginner, but IIRC it seemed like the balance aspect is mitigated at higher speeds due to angular momentum. That’s to say the slower you go the more energy you might have to employ in the balancing act.