Beginners MUNI

Starting to get the hang of the easy stuff.

Nice little edit, i am starting to uni as well =D i am on slightly more difficult terrain but not as smooth as you are and i am a tad jelly of your unicycle =D I only have a 20" so small bumps are big bumps.

heres a edit of me starting some trials stuff, Muni video coming soon =D

Keep riding!

Nicely done.

That is some really nice terrain you have there! I’d get lost in there for hours!

Thanks for the response! Yes, the terrain is fantastic - the best I’ve fond near Oslo so far. Some parts are difficult, but a lot of it is ridable for a beginner. Only five minutes drive from where I live, so I plan to spend a lot of time there this summer.


Lovely video :slight_smile: looks tons of muni fun!

A beginner would have been riding flat ground, but you were riding through dips and bumps. Well done! You’re past the beginner stage.

I was expecting the terrain to mundane and boring and/or a billion hops.

Really good lower intmedate vid :sunglasses: . My only criticism is most of it was kind of dark.