Beginners Latest Ride Thread

Hey, sorry about all of these threads im making. I screwed up both of my legs this past week. One by unicycling and the other by a motorcycle fall…twice:o
Well anyways, I know there is a thread like this already but I wanted to aim a bit more at beginnersand intermediates. I wanted to see what unicycle makes a good rider and I want to know what type of riding you do. So just say your unicycle(picture if you can), how long youve been riding, what unicycle you plan to get next or upgrades, and type of riding you do and if you can, a video of your current progress I´ll start.

I ride a Torker LX
I ride for trials.
Ive been riding for little under a year.(plan to get serious when i get my nimbus)
I plan to get a nimbus trials with moments this month

Here is my video