Beginner's Cycle Recommendations?

Hi, I’m a beginner, i.e. I don’t yet know how to ride a unicycle, but I’m very interested in learning. What are your recommendations for a beginner cycle? I’d prefer to spend around 100 US dollars, unless cycles in that range are really bad. At the top of Amazon’s results are two 24" cycles, a Sun FT and a Torker CX for 80 and 90 dollars respectively. Does anyone know if those cycles would at least be good enough to learn on and ride for a while? Also, I’m about 6 feet 3 inches tall, so would those be large enough for me? Thanks a LOT for your help.

both of those unis are perfectly good starter unis. id gowith the sun cause it has a flat top frame, and your gonna want that after youve got regular riding down and want to go for 1 foot, but both are good

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll probably buy one of those soon, then I’ll be posting regarding how to learn to ride the thing :slight_smile:

try this