beginners a good unicycle to get

i have found the best unicycle to get for beginners to get is a basic sun brand with a 24’ wheel thats wut i started out riding and you can put those things through hell and they don’t brake and you can get them at most bike shops for around $180.00 and if you do brake it you didn’t spend much on it so you can use the $$ you saved and buy parts to fix it.

warning: the saddle on this unicycle is painful until you brake it in!!!

have fun>_<

if you disagree with wut i said leave wut you think the best unicycle to start out on is because this is for all people who want to at least try to unicycle so its good for them to know wut would be good to learn on sop they dont get a bad or cheaply made unicycle so tell me and them wut you think.>=)

I dont know if anyone has tried this new uni from UDC out yet but it looks like a great starter unicycle for the price club 20"
It looks sturdier and nicer than the torker LX

The Club 20 is the uni I was thinking about buying. Is a legit site to buy unicycles from? (Will they actually send you a unicycle if you buy it) I’ve had a bad experience with fake sites that don’t send you anything when you pay.

Yeah, Unicycle dot com is awesome. They’re where most people on these forums buy unis and parts. Also - I think the LX is a good learner. Unlike the sun, it has a handle on the seat and it seems pretty strong, excvept for the seat.

Most definitely.

get a torker lx, they are cheap, durable, and pretty comfy to ride. they can do anything from basic riding to moderate trials. i do 3 foot gaps with mine and can pedal grab onto a 2.5 ft wall and stuff

I just saw this unicycle on another thread. It looks pretty decent for the price.
$79.99 It’s a Sun FT 20’

they’re not bad, you can get a torker lx for about that price, and it has a better seat, the frame is cromo (which is much stronger than the steel sun frame) and the wheel is better than the one on the sun or club special ones that udc sells. altogether, the lx is a great package, and can’t be beat for the money. another note: the 20" lx has the frame they used to use on the more expensive dx, but they’ve reinforced it to make the seat tube stronger.

:smiley: This is an awesome beginners unicycle to have. No questions asked. Well if you want my opinion, it is. :smiley:

We have Torkers at The Unicycle Shop if you what to look at them

I rekon this one would be a really good starter trials unicycle, I’m gonna get it when I have enough.