does anyone know of a good unicycle for me im 15 stone adn have quite good balance from trials riding im looking to spend under £100. will be riding in scotland, i seen this one duno if its any good or not

save up some more money and get this

that might actually be a good idea its jsut a bit much for first one, anyone riding it westlotian/edinburgh in scotland that i come and watch

Well if you’ve done bike trials you may just like unicycle trials :stuck_out_tongue: (as that’s one of the best…)

(private joke)

cool as i sayed might go for it i do the motorcycle trials

Ok well that’s a lil bit less similar, but you should get on with it :wink:

its all about ballance and technique just like mountain bike trials but with an engine

if your not willing to spend much get a 20’’ Torker LX. Great starter uni

Which will cost a ridiculous amount more since he is lives in Europe.

Well, you already have a trials background, so im sure as soon as you learn to ride, youll be jumping onto and off stuff, and with minimal fear compared to riders with no trials experience.

I was going to suggest to get a regular Nimbus trials, as it has all the components of a good unicycle. Nice frame, nice saddle, rim and tire are good. The only thing weak about it is the hub and cranks, as they are the regular cotterless hub and crank.

This uni is only 130ish, and you have the option to upgrade to the Nimbus hub and KH cranks and then have a very nice unicycle. Great for street and trials, ok for flatland and freestyle, and good for muni. Only because of the slower speeds of the 19" unicycle do I say its good at muni.

But, looking at the Nimbus trials with ISIS hub, its only another 30 more than the one without the ISIS hub, so it wouldnt be too bad to just save a little more for the Nimbus trials ISIS unicycle.

As ISIS is becoming the new standard of unicycling, it will also have a higher resale value than a cotterless unicycle setup.

is it any good? $99 off of amazon, but how much do you reckon shipping would be

Shipping might be $100 - $150 if you are in Europe you will be better off getting a Quax unicycle than a torker if you can’t afford a Nimbus.


aye cool i see what you mean