I just got my first unicycle 3 days ago as a birthday gift. I have started to learn how to ride it and i can get about 20-30 feet on average before i fall off. My problem is that i start pedaling to fast and get at a really fast pace that i cant handle. I was wondering what i can do to stay calm and find a better suited pace. Is there any little pieces of advice anyone could offer to help the learning process go alot smoother.

Thanks alot, every little bit helps :slight_smile:

Edit: i have been using a railing to help learn at first now trying without it

Hey dude. Welcome to, and good progress in 3 days!

when i was having that problem, i asked someone to walk alongside me so when i felt that i was gonna start pedaling like that, i would have someone to hold onto and stop, and let me regain my balance again.

An alternative when no one is around, is to force your feet backwards when you start pedalling too fast. it should slow you down. it worked for me.

Thanks for the tip ill try it out to see if it will work.
can i do as much as most normal people can do after 3 days?

A lot better than I was :stuck_out_tongue:

same here.

Uh? Did I type the wrong url in to my browser?


To prevent runaway speed, practice stopping. This is good to know anyway, as you can improve your dismounts instead of waiting for them to happen. Set a distance goal and stop when you get there. To do this it means getting the wheel ahead of you first, which will get you used to the idea of slowing down.

For a clean, good-looking dismount, stop with one foot toward the bottom/rear (it’s hard to stop in any other position), then step down to the rear with the other foot. Always take the top foot off first (you probably figured this out already).

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not fair. u used a rail. i started w/ free mounting. holding on to something else always threw me off balance cuz i’d accidently start leaning towards it.

Thank you everyone for telling me that im on pace :slight_smile:
and John i will use your tip today when i go out and practice

Thanks everyone for helping me find out that im on pace, thats really encouraging :slight_smile:
and thanks john for your tip ill use it today when i go out to practice :slight_smile:

another question
how long would it take on average to be able to ride for a good distance?
like to a corner store and back? is that something i could expect in a couple weeks or what?

At your progress I would say 2 weeks