Beginner wanting to get a good unicycle who knows nothing

I personally am able to ride on a friends unicycle however it is too short for me as I am 6’‘6’ so I wish to buy my own.
First of all, I would like to get a good unicycle which I can rely on to perform well, to have this unicycle a long time is a big priority and I am willing to spend £250 or so to get a good one but if there are very durable ones for cheaper please tell me :slight_smile:
The main things I would be interested in doing on these unicycles would be juggling while unicycling, but also the oppurtunity later on to be able to bunny hop and do street streets and maybe even a bit of trials.
These are unicycles I have looked at so far, I am asking which out of these would be the best for it’s price and also if any of you folks know any that are better or cheaper or anything please let me know, the help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

The only comment I would have is the impact “Gravity” has a rounded crown, if you ever plan on tricks that involve standing on the crown or resting your foot on the crown (one footed tricks) this would be less than optimal, the other two don’t have that issue.

For your height, the longer of the longnecks may be better, so that would be the nimbus. The Reagent and the equinox are very similar and either one would probably suit you very well. The rounded crown on the gravity would be a deal breaker for me.

Those are all very serious unicycles.

If you are looking to juggle on the unicycle from the three you have linked i would look towards the reagent especially at that price. The flat crown is very useful for one footed riding and many other tricks which can be fitted into a juggling act. The gravity is a more trials oriented.

Yeah I agree. I use my gravity for just trials like riding. Sometimes I forget and try to rest my foot on the “crown” only to find it’s not there!

from your description of intended use
and your height,
I would also give some consideration to slightly larger wheels

the nimbus II is an excellent uni. and will indeed last you for years. may be a little more rounded than the trials focused unis you have picked out thus far

that being said 250 for a impact gravity is an amazing deal. Im tempted myself

Just wondering did you look at the Kris Holm 19 inch? Just a little pricer than those you mentioned.

Definitely a large wheel. A six foot six rider really needs to be looking at least at a 24 inch minimum. Moreover if they don’t they will probably be paying extra for a longer post next.

Everything happens more slowly on a bigger wheel so that is a big plus if you are busy juggling.

One unicycle cannot be all things. A cruiser is a very different machine from a trials muni. Most unicyclers eventually own several. The compromise machine will eventually become redundant.

An artist should never let their equipment become their limit.

I absolutely agree with the compromise machine statement, but there is no better way to learn than to own one and see what it can do and what it can’t do. I recently converted my trials into a freestyle (new 20" wheel and short cranks), then I really understood why a trials has the big tire and longer cranks. Now I have both. It only took one hop on the 45 psi freestyle tire for me to figure that out.

I do not agree with the sentiment that if someone is over a certain height they need a certain size wheel, it all depends on what you plan to do on it. Th O.P. mentioned doing some trials, thats not going to be very fun on a 24" uni. I am 6’1", I have spent all my time in the past several months riding a 19" and 20" doing trials, freestyle and juggling, the size is perfect.

While a larger wheel slows down some things (idling), it also requires more energy and more skill.

Gravity vs. Reagant

Is the Gravity better than the Reagant? Specs wise they are basically the same, as far as I can see the only differences are tyres, cranks and the frame, but those differences look minor

The cranks on the reagent are shorter, for anything but trials 140mm cranks are too long on a 19/20" wheel.

The gravity frame i tougher than the reagent but unless you plan to start doing repeated 2m drops, the reagent is plenty tough enough, and tougher than the equinox or KH20 frame which have a seat tube which attaches to the crown rather than forming an integral part of it.

The MEC is the better tyre of the two, but both are good tyres.

Basically the gravity is all out trials, the reagent is set up for street. As a juggler and someone who wants to do tricks, you will find the flat crown vital.

Maybe this is just me, but id get the equinox street with the 135 cranks and probably a fairly long insarm considering how tall you are