Beginner video

Cross-posted elsewhere, too…A first attempt at a video showing my son Martin almost 11-years old) doing what he loves to do…It will be interesting to see where another year takes him.

Amazing! Great skills for any age, let alone a nine-year-old! So cool.
Last week I bought a 20" starter unicycle for my 14-yr old nephew who’d expressed a desire to start learning. I figured the kid would try a few times then likely give up. To my astonishment, the brat was freemounting, riding smoothly, turning and dismounting gracefully…AFTER THREE DAYS! I’m proud and jealous at the same time. It took me a whole month to get that far…hahahaha. Oh well…

Great job!

Impressive, he is going to be a great rider if he sticks with it. Go Martin! We will be watching you. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the feedback! It is truly amazing how quickly kids start riding and doing things for which I am a bit jealous to say the least! Very fun.

After NAUCC 2012, both of my kids who competed for the first time ever asked about how we were getting to PA for NAUCC 2013. We’ll be there for sure.

He’s very talented. Keep encouraging him.