Beginner unicycle

Looking for an adult beginner unicycle. I have read many reviews that suggest the LX 24" Torker but they are no longer available. Is there something comparable or better option? Would like to stay in the $100 range new or used.

Hi lillybo, welcome to the forums. I got a 20" Club Freestyle from, which I’m very happy with. I haven’t broken it yet, despite the abuse of learning on it. It’s $135 in the US, and there are cheaper models too, which are probably less sturdy. If you’re a beginner, 20" is better than 24".

It’s a metal tube with a wheel at one end and a happy lunatic at the other.

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Hi lillybo, I’m new to unicycling and bought a new DRS Solo Expert (20 inch) last week from in Australia for $135 AUD.
It was really easy to assemble.
I had the tools… a 15mm pedal spanner to tighten the pedals and Allen keys for the seat clamp and the main cap bearing assembly. I made sure to apply some bike grease to the seat post and pedal threads… job done in 10 minutes.

So far I’m really happy with the uni.
I’m still learning to ride, and the uni has not broken despite many ungraceful dismounts.