[beginner] unicycle trials in my warehouse

I was told I should post this video over here so more people can see it… This is me after about two/three weeks of trials practice. I got my Nimbus Sig about two weeks ago. The annotations tell the whole story, so be sure to watch with them on. The last 50 seconds are my one real accomplishment from this day of practice.

Most of the videos I end up taking and posting will be this way. I think it’s cool, or somewhat important, to show all the wipeouts… builds dramatic tension! :wink:

You’re doing good for only 6 days of trials practice, I can see you’re losing a bit of power with your jumping technique but I’m sure by the time you get to that 3rd pallet you’ll naturally just correct it :slight_smile:

I liked the annotations and you’ve got a really nice uni setup! :smiley: