Beginner Unicycle Sun 20in?

What I’m looking for is a just a basic beginners unicycle. I am looking for one I can possibly juggle on since once I learn how to ride that will be its main function, and also one that will be $100 or under. Does anyone have any recommendations for a unicycle on the cheaper side that would fit these two things?
I was thinking of just a basic Sun 20in kind of like the one here. So if you could I’d like some help on the matter or a critique of the Sun 20… Thanks

Torker Lx 24"
Torker Lx 24"
Torker Lx 24"
Torker Lx 24"
Torker Lx 24"

Much better than a Sun.

Tad bit harder to learn than a 20" but once you learn and want to cruise casually for fun, a 24" will be your best friend.

don’t get a sun. i broke mine really quickly. i learned on a 24" and loved it.

what about the ft version of the sun? It has more heavy duty components then it’s regular cousin…?

I learned on a Sun 20". To me, it was and still is a sturdy uni. It is not meant for drops or tricks, as these will break it, but is a great uni to learn on. It’s affordable, and gets the job done.

That said, if I did it over again, I’d get a Torker LX 24" :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Torker LX in 20" size, and it’s okay. Holding up for general riding with a 260-lb rider. I haven’t used the Sun, so I can’t compare. I would think for juggling-type stuff (like riding in circles on a stage), you’d want the 20" size.

Some of the unicycles (such as that Sun 20") give a recommended age or size. The LX is available with two different length seatposts, and with the longer one, is plenty high for most adults.

The Torker CX is a completely different unicycle. For the price difference, I would go with the LX.