Beginner unicycle suggestions

I’m looking to buy a unicycle for my husband for Christmas, and was after some help as to what to buy.

He has never ridden a unicycle before, so I need something suitable for a beginner. He is however a keen cyclist and often rides upright with no hands on handlebars, so I think he will enjoy the challenge and pick it up quite quickly. He will probably only use it on-road for fairly short distances - eg to the shops, down the park with the kids, occasional commute to work, as well as maybe doing the odd trick. He is quite tall (187cm/6’3") with an in-seam of approx. 98cm/39" (without shoes), and weighs about 70kg. I’m happy to spend up to $200.

Based on sizing charts, I think he needs a 26" unicycle. Of the two main Australian online suppliers, the available models are 26" Club Freestyle or Qu-Ax Luxus 26". In the 24" models, I can get an Onlyone or an Axis in addition to a 24" Club and Qu-Ax.

So, is 26" the most appropriate size? And which of the above brands would you recommend, or should I consider sellers outside Australia for other brands (with fingers crossed it gets here in time)? Alternatively, are there any shops in Sydney where I can buy one?

Many thanks!

Hi elf.

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20" and 24" wheel are generally the size used for learning. But given his height a 26" should not cause undue problems. This is diverse group here and you will get some more opinions to help you decide.

Anyone can learn to Unicycle but most people are surprised to find that learning is more challenging than they thought it would be. But the feeling of riding one are well worth the effort.

You can’t go wrong working with these people:

They are part of the empire and they know their business and if you contact them they will get your husband on to the right unicycle for his needs.

It looks like you’ve already done some of your own homework Elf.

Ezas has supplied you with great advice & a link to UDC in Austrailia. Maybe you should think of picking up a uni for yourself as well so your husband won’t be lonesome while he learns.

Welcometo the forums :slight_smile: